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GBH ‎‎(Grievous Bodily Harm)‎‎ - Sick Boy, UK Punk

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Barb Wire Dolls - Walking Dead

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Dog8mybag Stoned Again Productions, Austin Texas USA

Da Willys - Bad Personality - New York City
Subsonics - Bad Knots - Atlanta Georgia
The Oh Nos - Dumb, Deaf and Blind - Phoenix Arizona
The Withdrawals - Bad Vibes - Portland Oregon
Promo / Skit - Twiggy Branch - Naked 
The Touch Ups - Bad Reaction - Oak Park California
PROMO / skit - R&R is Dead - Dude, Where's My Bong
The Minks - First Time - Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Alcoholic Helltones - Alcoholic Monster - Victoria Tx.
Touch Ups - Hitman - Oak Park California
Cheap Time - Kill The Light - Nashville Tennessee
Estrogen Highs - Hospital Cloud - New Haven Ct.
NORML AD - Willie/NORML, Planet Earth, Stoned Again
The 440's - Two For The Road - Philadelphia Pennsylvania
promo / skit - Disco Sucks, Rug Burn Cripple
Night Beats - Satisfy Your Mind - Seattle Washington
Psychlone Rangers - Teenage Head - Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Easy Livin - Be My Girl - New York City
promo / skit - Most Interesting, Blow Up Doll, Cousin Fester
Paybacks - Blackout - Detroit Michigan
The Spits - Spit Me Out - Seattle Washington
The Make Ups - Ruin My Life - Cleveland Ohio
The Dimeras - Kid Stuff - Cleveland Ohio
Hysterians - Little Girl - San Jose California